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Starlight PC manufactures ultra-high quality computers and servers for the business community and informed home users.

Starlight PC is a trade name for CTintegrators, Inc. a Virginia "C" Corporation founded in 2014. 

CTIntegrators, Inc, is located in Northern Virginia just 20 minutes from Washington, DC at:

14900 Conference Center Drive
Chantilly VA, 20151

Starlight PC

CTIntegrators, is a Microsoft certified OEM Builder, and Intel Gold Partner. 


We think the reason that PCs became so popular is, the standard is open and available to everyone.

Some PC manufacturers try to lock you in to their product by using "custom" parts that only fit their PCs. Then, they supplement their income by loading all that "FREE" SPAMWare on YOUR PC.  It's up to you to figure out how to remove it.  So even your new PC starts out slow, bogged down with applications you don't need, want or understand.

Starlight PC builds your PC using top quality, industry standard parts from companies like Intel, ASUS, Western Digital, Crucial, & Samsung. Then we only load the most popular applications that you NEED to use your new PC. Apps like Microsoft Office, PDF Tools, Media Tools and browsing aids like Java & Adobe Flash.

So we truly believe that Starlight PC has;  
"The software you need, on the hardware you want - and no SPAMWare!" 

14900 Conference Center Drive
Chantilly, VA 20151

Phone:  703-222-3200
Fax:  703-261-7055